Welcome to the website of Nicholls Swim Acadamy

Here at Nicholls Swim Academy we believe learning to swim is one of the most exciting, important and enjoyable learning experiences in life.  We view it as important as learning to read and write, it is an asset that opens a gateway of opportunity for lifelong enjoyment in water based activities.

It’s important you have the confidence to assure your child learning to swim is a valuable activity.  Learning to swim is not a sport, it’s a vital safety skill and like wearing a helmet when you go bike riding, or a seat belt in the car, it’s not negotiable.

We deliver high quality and professional lessons, conducted by qualified and informed instructors.  

Our programme is structured to take you or your child through a logical pathway that will ensure greater confidence of being in, on and under the water. Then progress to the learn to swim phases of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and butterfly.

As well as swimming lessons in Palmerston North, Nicholls Swim Academy also offers professional coaching services for fitness, competition, masters and open water swimmers, plus triathletes and ironman competitors.